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I love you the more in that I believe you have liked me for my own sake
and for nothing else. ~ John Keats ~

Whatever brought you to our front door; we're delighted that you are here.

Lambdoodle provides emotional and social support for all of us who are touched by special needs.

Whether your personal connection is the individual, family member, friend, caregiver, or teacher, welcome!

Whether you have arrived in the beginning, middle or latter stages of your journey, whether you've arrived feeling as if you haven't truly belonged anywhere, whether you are here with a bit of angst or frustration, whether you're in search of a kindred spirit, looking to have some fun, or all of the above, welcome!

Lambdoodle has something for everyone; a community created to celebrate lives that are ordinary and extraordinary all at the same time!

It is our heartfelt desire to establish genuine connections for all of us who are intimately involved with, and touched by, this special journey.

Our intent is that you feel right at home, and when the spirit strikes we hope you'll consider participating in any and all areas that fit you. We enthusiastically invite you to submit your personal stories, talents, and any information that would be beneficial to members of our community.

With that, it is my supreme pleasure to invite you to 'Come on In'. As you make yourself at home, we'd love to hear from you, so be sure to check out the pages that provide clear instructions on how to contact us.

If you know someone who would also want to join our community, by all means, let them know. We're all in this together, the more members, the happier we are and the better for everyone!

As we always say here at Lambdoodle, each of us has special needs and some of us have a few extra ones!

Welcome Home!

Laurie Howlett, Founder

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